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The H is Silent

The place for chocojester's works

The H is silent in my graphics
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THIS JOURNAL IS RATED PG for mature audiences. It may contain frequent squeeing, rambles of fandom, frequent graphics for great fandoms, and more rambles.

This is a community for my (Heather, chocojester) graphics, art and whatever stuff I'd like to add. This will have random fandoms so if you o NOT appreciate what I have to share please do not come to comment and bash on my graphics... not that you'd be able to without friending the community anyway :) Comments would definately be appreciated and you may use whatever graphics and stuff I put here, as long as you do not claim them as your own. Simple enough? Very well, just friend chocokingdom and comment that you have and I'll leave you as a friend. :)

Need to find something? Find them through here


________{Captures/Images used}________
General: cap_it, hires_hotties, hires_hunks, Elegance Pixelfied, {my own}
Doctor Who: __kali__, Doctor Who @ Chaotic Creative. Adventures in Time And Space
Whose Line... (US) / Green Screen: terribtastic, rudelypinioned, Wl.pinioned.org, {my own}
Numb3rs Numb3rs Never Lie, SDKG, (my own)
Others: Lost Media.com

teh_indy, photoshopranger, inxsomniax, i_whore, dj43, alleycatfish, my_wonderful, graphicjunkie, crushedviolet, freak_icons, icons4icecream, ianthinae, scrapbookart, arielo4ka, regen

how_iconic, meleada, boutondor, icons4icecream, ianthinae

angry_kangaroo, franken_stein, lookslikerain, elrawien, asya_17, magnetboyicons, rock_fairy, timeblind, ___iconliciousx, september_icons, echoing0icons, wash_when_dirty

________{Art websites}________
Urban Sroke, Stargazer, On The Sky.net